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About Face It

About Face It

Feel Free To Contact Us Should You Be Interested In Any Of The Porcelain Products.

The Tassen series is manufactured in Germany, guaranteeing the highest porcelain grade and production standards.

It is said that we find joy in the ordinary and that is just what we at Face It found in these beautiful one of a kind products.

We want these joyful crockery items to bring laughter to your table with each one having a different facial expression and a unique personality.

At Face It we know our customers feel this joy because they keep coming back to add to their collection or to purchase a gift for someone special.

We believe a smiley face on your warm coffee cup can share kindness, so our aim is to put a smile on your face and bring people together……

Our bowls are perfect for cereal, soup, salads, pasta, nuts and our mugs for your tea or coffee and they’re dishwasher and microwave safe. 

To all of you, from all of us at Face It - Thank you for visiting our website!

Face It Porcelain